All Hands meeting

How we work

How we work

Every month, we hold an All Hands meeting. We use this session to provide useful information to all team members, with the intent of increasing transparency on Nebulab's direction, successes, failures and next challenges. The meeting covers sevaral topics:

  • Welcome. we welcome new team members. Often, there is a presentation of new hires in front of the rest of team so everyone knows some information about them. Here we may also talk about people who have left the company, if that happens.
  • Strategy. This topic covers the high-level decisions that we are doing to make Nebulab grow. We talk about new sales initiatives, our hiring process or how we are setting things up for personal and professional growth of individuals. We share such information with everyone both to be aligned and to receive any feedback about the direction in which we're going.
  • New projects. We introduce new clients, talking about their business, their team, which team members are assigned to work with them and why we think the client is a good fit for us. If we have lost a client instead, we honestly share what didn't work with them.
  • Rotations. We describe which team members have switched projects and what need they are fulfilling with their rotation.
  • Policy of the Month. We are very proud of this playbook, it's our set of policies and every employee can refer to these pages when they have some doubts about how to behave. Anyway, it's unrealistic to expect that everyone recall all the playbook's content. This space is dedicated to remind a single policy we have in the playbook so we can jog our memory about that specific thing. The policy of the month is chosen by the meeting's organizers.
  • Playbook changes. When policies change in our Playbook, there's no better way to talk about them with the rest of the team. This allows us to share why things have changed and how these differences will impact company life.
  • Q&A. We also hold a questions and answers session at end of the meeting. The goal here is to give everyone the chance to ask questions about the company or the topics discussed during the meeting.

The agenda of these meetings is in Tadum, where we will also leave links to any useful resources you can reference (such as any playbook pages that might have changed).

Organizing an All Hands

All Hands events need some work from the meeting organizer both to prepare the meeting content and to be sure everyone is aware of the meeting and what to expect from it. If you are in charge of organizing the All Hands, simply follow these tips to make it a success!

  • Check the calendar event. We have a shared Nebulab calendar that everyone joins during their onboarding. This calendar already contains all company-wide events. Just make sure the information in the calendar event is accurate.
  • Prepare the agenda. Prepare the agenda in Tadum, listing any topics that will be discussed during the event. This is important so everyone is allowed to take a look and ask for clarifications about topics or propose additional topics.
  • Notify the team. Once the agenda is ready, send a message into the #all-hands Slack channel to let everyone know when we'll have the meeting and that they can read the agenda in advance. It's also a good practice to remind people about the event a few hours before it starts. This is also a good moment to remind people of important things like why attending (and being on time) is important, how to join the meeting and how to ask questions.
  • Close the agenda. Once the meeting is over, make sure to close the Tadum agenda. This way a new meeting agenda will be created and we can start populating it with topics to discuss in the next meeting.