Fulfillment meeting

Leading teams

Leading teams

The Fulfillment Meeting is a quarterly meeting between the team leads and the directors. Its main purpose is to make sure we are fulfilling both our clients' expectations and our team member's needs. This is accomplished by:

  • ensuring the relationship between clients and Nebulab is in good health;
  • brainstorming and identifying potential business opportunities;
  • rotating our team members as needed to fulfill their needs and our clients';
  • determining our hiring needs for the upcoming quarter.

The meeting is held as a stand-up, with each team leading reporting on:

  • their project's current status and latest challenges;
  • the results of the latest Heartbeat meeting;
  • any opportunities to allocate new team members on the project;
  • any specific requirements of their client.

When the stand-up is over, we try to match our clients' and our team member's needs.