Interacting with mentors

Mentoring people

Leading teams

While mentors are responsible for the success of the individual team member, team leads are responsible for the success of their teams and clients. They coordinate team members who work on a project, handle communication with clients and help them scope and prioritize the product backlog so that the development team can work without interruption. This separation of powers ensures that our client's interests never trump the team's needs, while also providing clients with the assurance that someone is looking after them.

When working as a team lead, it is important that you know how to interact with your team's mentors. While you are strongly encouraged to provide micro-feedback frequently and directly to the team, you should talk to a team member's mentor about any large or recurring issues that affect the team member's performance or day-to-day work. The mentor will be able to tackle the issue during 1:1s and other ceremonies and will talk to you to monitor the team member's progress.