Time off and overtime

People ops

People operations

The work day for full-time contracts is comprised of 8 hours. You can decide to reduce your contract's work hours and opt for part-time work.

Vacation and residual leave hours can be viewed in your payroll slip:

  • vacation days, in the box FERIE RES.;
  • holiday hours (or former Public Holidays), in the box FEST. RES.;
  • work time reduction hours (or ROL), in the box ROL RES.

The same applies to the quantities earned and used, displayed in the same box corresponding to MAT. and GOD.. The acronym A.P. stands for Anno Precedente (i.e. previous year) and indicates the amounts corresponding to the previous year, but which can still be taken.


There are 22 days of vacation per year (176 hours). All members of the team must communicate the vacation days they wish to take via chat or verbally, with a notice of at least two weeks if possible.

Holidays accrued in a year must be used within 18 months: e.g., the remaining days on 31/12/2019 must be used by 1/06/2021.

Time off, special leave and overtime

The annual number of hours for time off depends on how long you've been with us.

Length of service Hours/Year
0 - 24 32
25 - 48 60
>48 88

Another type of paid leave is when it is granted in special cases. Below is a non-exhaustive list:

  • birth;
  • marriage;
  • death of relatives up to the second level;
  • blood donation.

If you think you have the right to paid leave, write to the administrative manager (@mettiu), who will check this for you.

Overtime is a working time in excess of the 8 hours a day. By law it is not allowed, under any circumstances, to exceed the limit of 48 hours a week.

Patron Saint holiday

A special mention goes to the Patron Saint holiday ("Santo Patrono"). The day of this holiday depends on where you work from:

  • Pescara: October 10th;
  • Latina: July 6th;
  • remote: October 10th.

On this day, our offices are not closed, and you can decide whether you want to work or not.

Since this is considered work on a holiday, your pay will be +30% the standard pay if you choose to come to the office or work remotely.

Compensation and rounding-off

All overtime hours and time off in the month will be compensated at the end of the month. The balance will then be rounded-up to the nearest half-hour by applying the following rules:

  • from 0 to 0.249 = 0;
  • from 0.25 to 0.749 = 0.5;
  • from 0.75 to 1 = 1

and so on.

Sick leave

For communications regarding sick leave, employees must contact their physician to request a sick leave certificate. The physician will send the certificate electronically to INPS, which, in turn, will make it available in electronic form. Based on the sick leave days granted by the attending physician, the employee must communicate to the company the days of absence together with the certificate's unique code.

Permit type

When deciding which type of permit to ask for, adopt the following rules:

  • Permessi/Ferie is used for time off hours or vacation days: therefore, you can use it for whole days off or by putting in the number of hours of time off;
  • Malattia is used in case of sick leave (make sure to add the protocol code issued by your physician to the notes);
  • Permesso straordinario is used for time off granted in special cases listed in the section Time off, special leave and overtime.