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This travel policy defines travel and conference attendance guidelines for 2019. You can find a Traveler profile here - this should be filled out by every team member in order to guarantee a hassle-free trip.


The #travel Slack channel should be used for all travel-related requests such as hotel bookings, flight tickets and so on.


Regardless of how much time you spend traveling, we consider travel days (Mon-Fri) as full 8-hour workdays. Travel during the weekend (Sat-Sun) is not considered work time, but we always try to book trips during the workweek.

We choose comfortable seats and arrangements to allow people to work during the journey and make up for the lost time, but working is not mandatory since not everyone is comfortable working while on the move.


We'll reserve first-class seats at the time preferred by the team member, if possible. There might be fluctuations of 1 hour from the scheduled time.


Flight seat categories are the following:

  • Italy/Europe: Economy
  • Worldwide: Economy with comfort seat (when possible, for flights over 6 hours)

Considering the frequency of our trips abroad, we advise obtaining a passport as soon as you enter the company, as release times can vary wildly depending on the time of the year.

Make sure to check-in online 24-48 hours in advance and print your boarding pass before departure.


We prefer to travel by public transport, but if you have to travel by car, the following policies apply:

  • if you use your vehicle between main offices (Pescara/Latina - Latina/Pescara) there's a flat-rate reimbursement of €150.00 per round-trip;
  • if you use your car in Italy, we'll refer to the ViaMichelin cost estimation;
  • total reimbursement for group B rental cars, including fuel and highway fees.


Use Uber if you need a quick, easy ride around the city.

Before your departure, check if Uber is available at your destination (you can do it from here). Also make sure you're part of the Nebulab Uber organization (if you're not, ask for it in the #travel Slack channel).

All you have to do if you need a ride is book your Uber as usual and select "Nebulab Srls" from the account selection menu.


Where possible, we'll prefer rooms with two single beds or two queen beds.

City size Country Budget (per night per room) Examples
Medium/Small Italy 70€ Pescara, Latina
Large Italy 120€ Rome, Milan, Florence, Bologna, Turin
Large Europe 150€ London, Paris, Berlin
Large Worldwide 200€ New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto


To obtain a reimbursement, every team member has to submit a complete travel expense report, attaching every expense receipt (for both meals and travel) within seven days of their return date from the trip.

Reimbursement for travel in Italy

We offer full reimbursement for the following expenses: train tickets, flight tickets, car rental, bus tickets, hotel stay with breakfast and possible event ticket. Meals are on the Team member. Moreover, we offer full reimbursement for Taxi/Bus rides from/to the train station, bus station or airport to/from the hotel and for the journey hotel/venue/hotel.

Reimbursement for international travel

We offer full reimbursement for the following expenses: train tickets, flight tickets, car rentals, bus tickets, travel insurance, hotel stays and a daily refund of up to €60,00/day for meals and possible event ticket.

We also fully reimburse any Uber, cab or public transport rides from/to your train station, bus station, airport, hotel or venue.

We do not reimburse hotel minibar consumptions, pay-per-view TV, or any fines for traffic violations.

We provide adequate medical insurance for any trips outside the EU.

Company information

Here's our company information if you need to ask for an invoice:

Nebulab Srls
Strada Comunale Piana, 3
65129 Pescara (PE)

Partita IVA (VAT ID): IT02112180688
Codice fiscale (Tax ID): IT02112180688
Electronic invoice code: M5UXCR1

Make sure to request an invoice when checking out at a hotel, if you're in charge of the reservation!


Conference budget

Every year, we publish a budget detailing the budget allowance and number of days you can use for conference conference. The conference list contains the number of days and cost for each event.

For 2019, you can use up to 8 working days and €3.400,00 for conferences. If you are working part-time, your budget is reduced proportionally so, e.g. if you're in a 50% part-time contract, you can use up to €1.700,00.

There are two cases where conference attendance doesn't count towards your budget:

  • If you're in the conference marketing team, we won't deduct the conference from your yearly budget.
  • If you're invited as a speaker, we won't deduct the conference from your yearly budget.

Choosing conferences

This document contains a list of interesting conferences:

  • self-improvement conferences recommended for topics that are related to our work and business;
  • marketing conferences, which are attractive for our marketing initiatives.

These are just suggestions: you can ask us to add other conferences to the document by pinging the #conferenze Slack channel.

Your mentor will help you choose which conferences to attend. Propose your conference schedule, in accordance with our yearly allowance, and explain why you are interested in those events.

Finally, make sure to get the most out of your conferences.

Please note that a three-month notice is required to attend non-European conferences/events, and a two-month notice is required to attend European/Italian conferences/events.

Team retreats

We will organize one team retreat per year. Team retreats usually last one week and give us a chance to get to know each other better, build trust and improve communication and cooperation.

They're also a lot of fun!

We'll inform everyone of team retreats at least three months in advance. Attendance is not mandatory, but strongly encouraged.

Useful apps

  • Wi-Fi Finder detects free Wi-fi networks.
  • MetrO, Kinevia is a free mobile guide to public transport systems worldwide. It provides the fastest route to your point of interest considering the day of the week and the time of the day.
  • the official app of your airline will often allow you to download an e-ticket for Apple Wallet or Pass2U Wallet. Also, it will provide handy information about your flight.
  • MyTaxi is a taxi app available in 9 European countries (including Italy).
  • Uber.

Travel tips

  • Always watch your passport's expiration date. Make sure it expires in at least 6 months.
  • Also ensure you always have at least two blank pages for visas in your passport.
  • If you are travelling to the US or plan on renting a car/staying at a hotel, you will need a credit card. If you don't have one, get one from your bank or from American Express.
  • You can find useful information for the country you are visiting, such as any practices needed to enter the country (visa, vaccinations etc), on the Farnesina website.