Investment Fridays

Personal growth

Personal growth

Fridays are our time for personal and collective growth. On Fridays, we do not work on clients. Instead, we focus on initiatives that improve our skills or contribute to the community or the company. Here are some ideas for Friday work:

  • Write a post for our blog
  • Contribute to an open source project
  • Study a new tool related to our work
  • Mentor a teammate and teach them a skill

These are "investment Fridays", because we expect the work done during this time to have a tangible return on our clients or Nebulab. Investment Fridays are not the time to work on personal open source projects or "relax time" you can use to chill. On the other hand, we also don't expect investments to have an immediate return and we understand some projects might take longer than others to complete, so we trust you to use your judgment.

If you come up with an idea and you're not sure whether it's a good candidate for Friday time, your mentor will be able to help you.

Demo Fridays

Every three months, we host a Demo Friday. We all get on a video call and present our work to the company in a series of 5-minute lightning talks. If needed, your mentor will help you prepare for this demo, but you'll be fine as long as you keep it simple!

Demo Fridays are recorded in case anyone was not able to attend but still wants to know what the rest of the team is up to.

To know when the next Demo Friday will be hosted, please take a look at your Nebulab calendar. You should find a recurring event shared with everyone in the company.

Client work and investment Fridays

In general, Fridays are reserved for investment time. If you took time off a client project during the week, you should still work on your investment project on Friday.

However, there may be situations (e.g. critical issues that require urgent attention, product launches, marketing campaigns) that require us to work on a Friday or to use our Friday to make up for time lost during the week. You're encouraged to use your own judgment and manage your schedule accordingly. If in doubt, ask your team lead!